Backend Developer (Relevant Experience: 2-3+ Years.)

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Posted 3 years ago

Must have Skills to contribute in Decentralized Exchange:
1. Understand smart contracts, blockchain protocols
2. Development of smart contracts on Ethereum/any blockchain.
3. Build APIs on top of smart contracts deployed on blockchain.
4. Familiarity with basic cryptography
5. Familiarity with P2P networks.
6. Atomic swaps.

1. Design and develop high volume, low latency applications for mission critical systems, delivering high availability and
2. Contribute in all phases of the development lifecycle.
3. Write well designed, testable, efficient code.
4. Ensure designs follow specifications.
5. Prepare and produce releases of software components, perform code reviews.
6. Support continuous improvement by investigating alternatives and technologies and presenting these for architectural

Desired Skills and Experience:
1 Deep understanding of JavaScript/Java languages
2 Hands on experience in designing and developing web applications using NodeJS/Spring Framework (or anything equivalent)
3 Object Oriented analysis and design using common design patterns.
4 Profound insight of Java and JEE internals (Class loading, Memory Management, Transaction management etc.)
5 Excellent knowledge of Relational Databases, SQL and ORM technologies (JPA2, Hibernate)
6 Experience with testing frameworks like JUnit

Relevant Experience: minimum 3.5 to 4 Years. Responsibilities

In this regard, we would like to inform that you will also have additional responsibility to take care of. The management
believes in your capabilities and expects that you will handle the additional responsibility with ease.

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